Saturday, September 26, 2015

Missing the Sunrise

Sunrises are my favorite.
Someone at church last week asked where we see God.
I see God in sunrises.
Proof that He sees fit for humanity to have another day.

I find artwork in sunrises that surpasses any other magic in nature.
Sunsets are pretty too, but I don't have a front row seat for those--a house and trees in the way.

One of the very best times of day for me has always been sunrise.
The temperature is cool, even during heat waves in August.
The traffic sounds from the highway have not begun in earnest.
The animals are just waking. 
Birds sing, 
chickens quietly cluck, cluck as they search for nighttime bugs that have forgotten to go to bed, dogs stand at bowls, waiting for breakfast, 
the cat purrs as he makes he way in and around my ankles, 
the herd of deer wait quietly for their meager handful of corn, 
and the donkeys stretch and yawn and shake off the night.
Quiet. Cool. Still.
Then, as if on cue, the color rises in the east.  
Reds, Pinks, Oranges, Yellows, Blues and even Purples.

The lead actor, the Sun, comes onto the stage slowly.
A ball of color that can scarcely be described. 
I am stopped in my morning chores to watch.  
I mustn't move, lest I miss something.
Photographs have never done it justice, and so I no longer bother.
I just allow myself to be enveloped in the moment.
The moment will be gone before I know it.

A moment of magic and wonder and God.

Have I seen enough sunrises to make up for the fact that I can no longer witness them? 
I don't think so.
My new job has me out of bed and doing outdoor chores at 5:30am.
Well before sunrise.  
When the sun comes up, I am in my school building, preparing for the day.
I am meeting the bus that carries my Jane and Red, just after sunrise.
I am surrounded by tall trees and houses and so the horizon is barely visible anyway.

And so, I must find new things to appreciate and worship in the sky.
Luckily, I live far enough from large light sources that many stars are visible.
I will find God in the night sky.  
I will enjoy the darkness.  
I will learn to appreciate the wonder of the stars and the moon.

photo credit:
I will tell you that one star in the early morning Eastern sky has captured my fancy.
As it happens, it is not a star at all, but the planet Venus.


  1. It is traditional to call Venus the morning star - you nailed it.

  2. Sunset or sunrise I love them both equally!