Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

November 20, 2001

Some days I miss these kids.  
They've grown into such wonderful young adults though!

We had surprised them with this trip.  Packed their bags and then hid the bags in the van.
We took them out to dinner at a local pancake house and then told them we were going to Disney World instead of home. 
 This is the "We're going where?" look

 Quinn didn't exactly know what Disney World was, but he knew he wanted in on what the big kids were excited about.
 Eric had ordered special tickets for all of us, so we had plastic name tags with a magic bar code on the back. All we needed were lanyards and a plane to Florida!

 Dinner was quickly finished and we headed to the airport.
 A non-stop to Orlando, and a cab ride to the Contemporary Resort in the Magic Kingdom and we'd be ready to meet Mickey the next day.


  1. WOOHOO!! What fun that adventure must have been. I'll bet you have dozens and dozens and dozens of photos after that with even more big smiles.

  2. What a fantastic surprise. Wow!!! What wonderful memories.

  3. Why does Quinn remind me of Grayson in this pic? It's almost weird, instantly it reminded me of him!