Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Birthdays

I guess technically, Dad's birthday is in the very late Spring.  
No matter.  It's a time for celebration and family and (in this case) fresh, homemade blueberry pie.  

It's mom's recipe and it quickly disappears.  Nary a crumb left in the pan. 

Wee Everyly isn't so wee anymore.
She's full of smiles and such a good natured girl.  
If you'll notice in my right sidebar,  Evie is going to be a big sister next year!

The birthday boy, and his boy, and his boy's boy. 
I just noticed how Eric's shoe looks like he wears a size 20 shoe.  
That's how small fish and rattlesnakes appear so much bigger in photos---perspective.

We celebrated Mom's birthday with the family tradition of German's Chocolate Cake.
Somehow I managed to not get one photo of Mom's special guest---my Brother-in-Love, Joel.
He comes to celebrate the birthdays for Mom and Dad with "Zeros and Fives" in the number.

Got one, now the other!

 Success! Now we eat cake!

Here's another photo where camera angle skews the perspective.  Evie is not, as the picture portrays, a giant's child.  
She got to try a a couple nibbles of Grandma's cake.  
Something she did not get to do with Grandpa's pie, because she was too little.

Fall is a huge season for birthdays in our family.
Quinn, Jenna, Olivia, Jody, Me, Katie, Evie, Nora and Beth.
Maybe one year, we can all get together and celebrate them all at one time.
What dessert should we have?
I vote for ice cream.
Always, ice cream. 

Do you have a birthday tradition?

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  1. Happy Birthday to all your birthday girls and boys. We have three in a row this very weekend here. Lots of fun and candles. That grandbaby is just wonderful as are your photos of Mom and Dad.