Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Me, Again!

27 years ago, today!.
I have been married more than half my life!
Hills and Valleys and Mountaintops.
It wouldn't be marriage if it didn't have all that topography.

I have no wise words, no secrets for hanging in there when marriage hits a Valley or a Ravine.
Often, it is just one partner being completely unwilling to let go of the other's hand.
Hanging on by the slipperiest of grips.

I think making the most of the Hills and Mountaintops can be helpful.
Eric and I are guilty of not taking advantage of those high places.
We have been in the midst of careers and child-raising for nearly all of our 27 years together.
We are one of those couples who never took people up on offers of babysitting because........well, I don't know why.
We just didn't much.
By the time we paid a babysitter, watched a movie and ate some dinner, it was terribly expensive.
We saved our money for things like paying bills and yearly vacations.
Daily/weekly/monthly hikes to Hills and Mountaintops have just not been our style.
If I were to change anything about our marriage, it would be that.

We are within sight of retirement and having Quinn go off to college.
Am I worried about what Eric and I will do once that happens?
Not really.
I think we'll just pick up where we left off 27 years ago.

Is this the ideal way to do it?
No, but it has worked for us.

I have faith that we'll once again walk that path that brought us together in the first place.
It meanders through our marriage and we occasionally walk on it, hand in hand. 
One day, we'll stay on it permanently--Hills, Valleys and Mountaintops.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Eric with many more to follow.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Love your photos!