Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Me and the Boys!

One year ago today, the boys came home to live with me.
Nothing special planned for today, as they are very picky about their treats.
No cake or watermelon.
Only apples and pretzels.
They helped me clean their paddock this morning, as they do every time I get out the wheelbarrow and muck rake.

Bill is sure to check the wheelbarrow for items that he doesn't approve of being removed (small sticks, mostly). 
Ted just takes the opportunity to chew on the handles.

Neither one offers to help actually scoop up manure, but that's okay. 
 Not having thumbs makes that a bit difficult.

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  1. Happy One Year Anniversary to you and the boys. Also Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I just noticed on your side bar that you will be a Grandma again, congratulations. Hope all is well with the boys and hubby is enjoying his new job.