Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Are You Ready to Fly

SPECTACULAR: Spectacular is a camp dedicated to creating a safe, Christ-centered community where teens can discover God, their inherent worth, and share their giftednes.

July 17-26

2,386.4 miles
5 Twelve-passenger vans.
43 campers
10 staff members
2 tag-a-longs
1 small dog
4.5 days on the road
7 days at camp
6 nights at camp
2 nights sleeping on church floors 
1 flat tire
0 air conditioners in the dorms

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and finally Iowa.
A week of classes, games, music, art, competition, laughter, tears, disappointment and elation.
A week that was exhausting for me both physically and emotionally.
Breakfast was between 6:30 and 7:30.
Lights Out was at 12:15
Emotionally, I invested too much in how Quinn was doing at camp.
I was also concerned and hurt by a young man that I took under my wing last year.  It was obvious that this trip was just a personal vacation for him and that he had no interest in participating in anything that might ease the pain of his life outside of camp.
In hindsight, I should not have taken any of his actions personally.
You cannot rescue someone that does not want to be rescued.
I can only pray for him at this point.
Mostly, I'm just sad

I believe that with time, I will have feelings of affection about this trip.
There were 3 amazing guest speakers. 
 Two stellar bands and a freakin' ferris wheel!
There were paper lanterns and fireworks.

People worked very hard to make it a memorable week.
My memories right now are jaded by emotion.
This is a video that was played at the closing service.
It is really what took place last week.
I hope and pray that most all of my campers got to fly last week. 

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  1. Lucky you! And Happy Anniversary to you and the boys!