Saturday, May 30, 2015

Which Canine Are You?

Obviously, I need a point of reference to figure out if the canine in the first photo is the same as the second photo.
This picture was taken last night.  It's the only shot of him/her.
I'm leaning toward thinking it is a coyote and the tail in the air is a sort of 'flipping me the bird' behavior.  
Coyotes do not carry their tails up, nor do fox.

This is obviously a gray fox.  The dark stripe on the tail is the primary give away.

Even though they are in almost exactly the same spot on my front porch, the plants that are to the right were trimmed back this spring and so I cannot compare their sizes.
Maybe I'll get a pot from one of my garden beds and put it out there for reference.

They both evidently visit because this is where I throw kitchen scrapes for the deer each evening. 
 Usually just plant matter from making salads and such.  However, there is sometimes an old moldy piece of bread or 5 leftover brussels sprouts from dinner.  

Either way, if the first picture is a coyote, it is unsettling to me. 
I know there is a pack in the area, as they carry on something fierce at night.
I had thought they were staying well away from the houses, as there are plenty of cottontails and other small critters to eat back where they live.
I must be wrong (obviously!)
One coyote is no big deal to my donkeys.
If the pack comes into the neighborhood and into my pasture, my donkeys would be hard pressed to fight them off.

It might be time to attach no-climb fence to my 3 rail fence.


  1. It really looks like the same animal to me in both pictures - a fox. Sure hope it is not a coyote.

  2. Hummm when you find out what it is let me/us know. Very interesting!

    Could be a cy-dog.