Monday, May 11, 2015

Lovely Day

It was indeed a lovely Mother's Day.
Click HERE to listen to the song that ran through my head all day long.

The day started as it always does.  A kiss from Eric before I pop out of bed to feed the dogs, release the chickens from their coop and feed them, toss corn to the deer and then out to the barn to feed Bill and Ted.  The donkeys always get the once over to make sure there were no injuries overnight.  A bit of fly spray for them as well.  The flies are awful right now.

Upon reentering the house I came upon a vase of yellow tulips and a bag of black licorice from Quinn!  He and I share a love of the oft despised licorice.  
Between the two of us, we'd finished the bag by nightfall.

A cup of coffee, a shower and some hustling about and we were off to church.
I was in charge of the service.
My lesson for the day was how people are like candy.
Licorice was not involved. 
Remind me to tell you about it another time.

We stopped by a local BBQ place and picked up lunch to eat at home. 
 No cooking or cleaning for anyone today!

Lunch with Grandma, Grandpa, Eric, and Quinn.  
Not long after that, Preston, Katie and Evie brought dessert.  
An amazing layered Lemon, Cream Cheese, Whipped Cream thing that had a Walnut/Butter/Sugar/Flour base.  
I'm sure it has a name, but it doesn't matter.  We inhaled it!  
Katie nailed the recipe on her first try!!
My gift from them was a book of photos from the day Evie was born all the way up to now.  She's almost 7 months old!  When did that happen?
Evie's gift to me was to show off her giggling skills when I introduced her to my donkey puppet. 

Finally, I got a call from Jenna in Iowa.
She's got finals this week and was happy to take a break from studying to call and wish me a Happy Mom's Day.  She also posted a heartfelt note on Facebook to tell the whole world how she feels about me.  Specifically our shared love of all things in the animal kingdom.

I finished the day, right on cue from Jenna's post, and rescued a Rat snake that was entangled in some bird netting.  Eric caught sight of it and came in the house with a sigh.  
I'll tell you about that next time.


  1. I love those smiles! Yours was HUGE!!!


    1. Being a Grandma will do that to a girl--huge smiles!

  2. Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day. I love the picture of all of you mothers and Evie. Belated Happy Mother's Day

    1. Thank you! I spent some time fretting about whether I liked my hair or whether the color of the picture was off and then I thought, "Who Cares!"