Monday, April 6, 2015

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Depending on your age, your brain might have finished my post title with, 
"keep them doggies rollin', RAWHIDE!"

Not what this post is about, but it is about livestock.
Does that count?

Pardon my manicure.
This time of year, there isn't one.
I cut all my nails off and nibble on that pinkie--when it's clean.

My donkeys love to roll in the dirt.
My guess is that it helps scratch the itches that they can't reach.
It probably helps with bugs and maybe even feels good to just stretch.

Donkeys also love a good scratching.  
Especially where their tails meet their backs.  
Donkey folks call that a 'butt scritchin'"  
Donkey will back up to you and present their tail end.  
You can almost hear the "beep, beep, beep" like trucks do when they are backing up.

I, however, do not get the normally dirty fingers of those in the donkey scritchers club.
My donkeys have chosen a spot that is the king of all dirt patches----a former burn pile.
I moved all the branches and brush from the burn pile that were waiting to be burned because it was in the way.
What it left was a perfect circle of lovely, soft, sooty dirt.  
14 years of lovely, soft, sooty dirt!
My chickens also love this spot.

My fingers, after grooming and especially after a scritching session are black.
Black as coal.
For obvious reasons.
My donkeys (and chickens) are covered in charcoal dust.

If you come to visit the donkeys, don't wear white.
In fact, don't wear anything that you hope will stay clean.

I have nail brushes by the sink if you happen to find yourself with the same extremely dirty nails as mine.  
I think it's worth it, though.  
So do the donkeys.

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  1. Good Golly Miss Molly, your fingernails (or lack of fingernails) look just like mine after I've been working in the yard. Glad those donkeys love their scratching.