Thursday, April 9, 2015

Office Assistant and the Bullies

My office assistant has put in a request to have a split shift.
He would like to work from 6am until about 8am, nap all day and then go back to work in the evening.
He's been having trouble with bullies in the daytime.
One specific pair of bullies, Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird.  
He is President in charge of Security. 
She is President of the Nest Builders Union.
They cannot abide Hobbes being in their workspace. 
They have lately been consumed with chasing Hobbes.
I have a suspicion that Hobbes has it coming to him.  He can be a bully himself.
Maybe he has met his match?

Until then, it is obvious from this picture that Hobbes will not be doing any outdoor work for any stretch at a time until Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird have added another job to their list---feeding babies.


  1. Sounds like Hobbes is pretty smart. Keeping out of the way of a lady working on home design is always a good plan.

    1. He is hopefully continues to listen to that little voice that says to come indoors. The lady and her hubby are very serious about their home building.

  2. Sounds like you better meet Hobbes demands or he will go on strike. Haha

    1. We can't have that! I've met his demands thus far.

  3. What a handsome cat! I think you have a hunter there and those birds know it.


    1. He is, indeed, an excellent hunter. I need him to get busy with the darned House Sparrows. They have taken over my neighborhood barns and all the bird houses meant for songbirds.