Monday, April 27, 2015

My Cooking is NOT That Bad!

 We had a houseguest over the weekend.
As always, I vacuum right before the guest arrives so as to have as little dog hair floating around as possible.

As I was vacuuming my entry, I noticed a VERY large bird, right off my front porch!
Two turkeys!
I ran to get my glasses and my camera.
Well, they weren't turkeys but Turkey Vultures.

But wait, why were there vultures 5 feet from my front door?
More to the question, what were they eating?
I had just been out there not 10 minutes earlier, putting out leftover spaghetti and a piece of moldy bread for the chickens.

They were eating the spaghetti!

I have no idea what would have drawn the vulture to the spaghetti.  According to Cornell University's bird folk, vultures are drawn to their food sources by smell.  Dead stuff.  The deader (is that a word?) the better.
I am certain that my spaghetti did not smell like anything dead!

More exploration on the question led me to the fact that Turkey vultures will eat many things, including leftovers.  However, they do not care for dead carnivores.  Dogs, cats, coyotes and cougars go left untouched by most vultures.

Anyway, I only got a few shots of these birds and not very good ones at that.
They are very skittish around humans.
As soon as they saw me gawking at them and taking pictures through the front door glass, they were off.

I may have to rethink my spaghetti recipe though.
Or not wait a week to give the uneaten leftovers to the chickens?


  1. Maybe spaghetti looks like blood and guts to a vulture. The birds looked like they were enjoying their meal. You should be flattered. ;D

  2. i never would have guessed that a Turkey Vulture would eat spaghetti. That is a new one for me. Good pictures of the critters.

  3. Now THAT is a close encounter of a very different kind!


  4. Their bodies are so pretty but their heads are hideous! Weird!