Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bastard Cabbage

I'm allowed to use that word because it is truly the common name for this plant.
I am not making it up.

Also, I must point out that it is only (very) distantly related to the cabbage.
Like 4th cousins, once removed.

They are both part of the Brassicaceae family.

 This little plant is on the list of invasive species by the USDA.  It belongs in a list that has been labeled Federal Noxious Weeds.  If you are curious to see what plants are invasive in your neck of the woods, you can click on the link in purple.

No one knows when this plant first arrived. 
I guess it doesn't really matter.
What matters is that it is very good at what it does.
It germinates and grows far earlier than just about any other wildflower.
It gets up to 5 feet tall.
It loves, loves, loves roadsides and disturbed, poor soil.

It chokes out all competitor plants for food, sunlight and water.
Since it is related to the mustard family more closely than the cabbage family, it makes many tiny seeds.
It has become resistant to just about every kind of herbicide.

So, what's the big deal though.
I don't live on a roadside.
However, this pretty little yellow flowering plant was found in my pasture.
I am now on a daily walk on my 4 acres to keep an eye out for more of it.
Thankfully, its yellow flower give it away.

I was able to knock out Buffalo Bur by this same method.
Luckily this new invader isn't covered in awful spines like the bur.

Do you have weeds that simply cannot be left to the "live and let live" category in your life?


  1. I've seen that nasty little weed around here. It is well named. It's right up there with prostrate knotweed on my list. My bane is--Purslane! I know, it's supposed to be edible but it is evil when it grows in places it doesn't belong. In the remake of War of the Worlds, the aliens have red branches that remind me of of purslane. It showed up in our neighborhood right after we had a disasterous flood. I've been digging it up and carrying it all the way out to the street to be run over since it won't die any other way. I seldom see it now. Hah!Hah!

  2. Pretty much if it is some shade of green at our place, it stays...well, maybe not ivies but other stuff stays

  3. Mine is dandelions in my lawn. I don't care if they want to live in the fields, roadways, etc. Just quite choking off my lawn.