Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Away on Spring Break

I'll be back with more Barn, part 2 next week.
This week, I am in Colorado with Jenna, and her dear boyfriend Jeremy visiting my brother and sister-in-love (Joel and Jody) in Colorado.
My phone takes marginal photos and I forgot the USB cord for my real camera.
These are a couple phone pictures that didn't turn out too bad that I will share. 
Just a taste of what's to come when I get home to my computer.

 Duffy, the smooth coated collie mix.
One of the best pound puppies I've ever met.
This is his "throw my toy one more time" pose.
Let's play "Where's Carla?"
This is the view off the back deck of Joel and Jody's cabin.

I'll be back home this weekend.
I'll see you then.

Answer: I was in Trinidad, CO.  These are the Spanish Peaks. 


  1. Colorado Spring!?

    Linda ★★

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Further south. See if you can ID the peaks. That might help.

  2. Have a wonderful time with your family.

    1. I had a wonderful time, thanks! Denver has the most awesome zoo!