Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where Did February Go?

Heck, where did January go. 
I was clicking along, blogging pretty regularly and then just stopped.
This isn't a blog post really.
It's just me, checking in.
I'm still reading your blogs.  

Several things have happened that are blog worthy. 
I think sitting down and being even slightly creative is just beyond me right now.
All is well, I've just run out of blogging stream.  

My granddaughter, Evie,  is growing like a weed.
My barn is up.
Preston turned 23.
I'm planning a spring break trip with Jenna.
Bill the donkey is still lame and we still haven't pinned down the source of his lameness.
My chickens are laying more eggs than I know what to do with.
I'm still chugging away at losing some weight.  
I took some time off over the holidays and gained back 5 pounds that I'd lost.
I've spent a great deal of time researching my father's timeline of his years in battle during World War II.  Not at all surprised he was a broken soul.

It's cold (for Austin) and gray.  Has been for the better part of a month.
Maybe that's it.
Everything is gray and my muse has gone into hibernation.
For now she's curled up like a cat with her tail over her eyes.

So, this was sort of a post.
I'll be back when my muse awakens.  
I suspect that will be when the last frost date has past and I can begin to clean up my garden beds and get the outdoor chores done that need doing.


  1. I'm glad you gave us an update. I've missed you!

    Linda ♪♫❤

  2. So sorry to hear that Bill the donkey is still lame. Hope someone can figure it out one of these days. I think this Winter has taken it's toll on a lot of people. You aren't alone about the hibernating muse. I have been pretty much stuck in the house all winter and I've developed a bad case of cabin fever along with depression - lack of sunshine kind. Hang in there. Things will get better when Spring arrives. Just nice to hear from you once in a while and know you are okay.

  3. I have no idea were January and Feburary went, time is going by faster and faster.