Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

First, we must address the cliche' of "Make Hay While the Sun Shines".
Obviously, making/cutting/gathering hay must only be done when the sun is shining and has been shining for some time.
Otherwise, you end up with a ghastly, moldy mess unfit for animals.
It was first recorded on paper in 1546.
Read more about it HERE.

Moving on.
Sunday, a cold front came through.
Cold for us anyway.
23* overnight.

It was cold and windy, but sunny!
Sun makes all the difference.

I had chores to do.
Manure called. 
So did the chicken coop.
Every now and then I am fascinated by the fact that I spend a portion of every day moving poop.

 The chickens are thrilled that I move manure from one place to another.
The manure pile is full of snacks, both large and small.
It also must be much warmer than wandering my pastures looking for seeds and stray bugs.

 Eric and I knew that it would get plenty cold before our barn was erected.
Here you see the edge of the tent we put up for the boys to get out of the north wind and rain.
I clean it every day as well. 
I added more shavings, different shavings for them to lie on at night.
A bit more of something between them and the cold ground.
They weren't sure the new shavings didn't have monsters in them.
They ate their hay while standing half in-half out.
Just in case.

While it was barely 30* outdoors, the sun assured me he could make it worth my while to stay out a bit longer.
I did. 
It was.

I sat down in the sun when my chores were done and found all the itchy places on the donkeys.
Did you know my boys like to have their bellies scratched?

Marie and Amelia, the Buttercup sisters were waiting, just out of donkey reach for a chance to sit in my lap.
Marie chose my shoulder instead (see top picture).
I stayed outside, all bundled up in the sun for 2 hours.
It made me so happy!
I was sad when the sun began slipping beyond the horizon.
Time to go in.

Does the sun call to you, even when it's cold?


  1. YES IT DOES!!! I'm shouting! Two days now we have had sun...and warmth...it got up to melt weather! Boomer and I walked here and there and all over the place! It was heaven!


    1. I was out in 40mph winds yesterday. Another arctic blast blew in, but the SUN was out and so was I. :)

  2. Yes, it does! After a month of cloudy rainy skies and me being "blue" the sun came out. Wow, what a difference. My whole mood changes and even though it is really cold outside (below zero temps) the sun makes it feel warmer. Glad you were able to be outside with your animals.

    1. I don't know how anyone lives where it is dark and cloudy so much of the year. My Jenna wants to move to the PNW and I thinks she's mad.
      My niece and her family live near Milwaukee and she's tired of winter already---and it's only just begun. Trouble with living up north is that the number of daylight hours are far fewer, even when there IS Sun.
      Stay Warm, Linda!