Friday, January 9, 2015

I Remember Those Days

The sleepless nights.
The days and nights of desperation.
Bargaining with God. 
Bargaining with my child.
"Please, please, just 2 hours of sleep in a row!"

Somehow, Katie and Preston seem to avoided all the wailing and nashing of teeth.
They seem so much more natural at the business of caring for a baby than I was.

Eric and I were both the youngest of our siblings by quite a few years.
Neither one of us had any experience with babies.
Friends and family and baby books told us that babies don't sleep on a schedule (day/night).
However, they didn't warn us how crushing the lack of sleep can be.
"Sleep when the baby sleeps" was the advice we were given.
Looking back, it makes sense.
In the throes of it, I chose to do laundry and shower and vacuum and make dinner.
I thought I should be able to just go on with my life as normal.
I'd sleep at night when the baby slept.
Preston took this with his cell phone.  It came to me with "My two girls" texted below it. 
 By the time I had my last, Quinn, I had learned that sleeping while the baby sleeps is a mantra to live by.  
It should be drilled into everyone's head.
It should be taught at schools.
It should be quilted and cross-stitched onto throw pillows.
It should be graffitied onto the sides of buildings.
It should be OKAY to stop what you are doing and sleep when the baby sleeps.
We expect young parents to bring a tiny creature into this world with no language skills and no understanding of 'schedule'; and then want those same young parents to go on with their lives as though nothing has changed.
Obviously, Preston and Katie are bucking the norm.
They sleep when the baby sleeps.
Not always, but sometimes.
It may be that they don't set out to do it.
It may be that they lie down for a moment to help Evie drift off to sleep and then drift off themselves.
Either way, they're supporting one another and bonding with this tiny gift as they sleep.

As a woman, far, far away from this stage in my life, I can look at these photos and just feel love.
The memory of being dog tired is faint and fuzzy.
The new memories forming are of love and pride at the great job my son and daughter-in-love are doing with this new phase in their lives.
Katie took this.  It came to me with "Your baby with his baby" texted below it.


  1. Our kids are just now really sleeping properly...well sort of...they stay up later than us when they are allowed. At least they sleep in now!

    Anyhow, sweet pics....congrats!

  2. I love this post, Carla! It is so spot on and so very sweet!


  3. What a precious post. The pictures and captions are priceless. They all look so sweet. And boy, do I ever remember the "sleepless" nights. You are right on when you talk about the change from back then to now. My DIL slept when my grandson slept. - smart girl.