Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Sweep the Panty Floor in 18 Easy Steps

I'm certain I've blogged about this problem before.
My inability to start a task and finish it.
Maybe it comes from 2 decades of raising kids---you seldom, if ever, get to finish a task you've started without being interrupted by a child needing your assistance.

Today, it was the pantry floor that started the whole spiral of odd jobs that ultimately led back to the pantry floor.
One thing I'll never understand is how dirt, hay, crumbs and other debris end up on my pantry floor.
You'd think that the door would keep most of that stuff out.
Of course, that would assume that the door is closed all the time.
We all know what assumptions do, right?

Moving on.

In order to properly sweep the pantry floor,  I remove all the stuff on the floor.
No problem except for one item.
The step stool (needed to reach stuff in tall, thin pantry).
The step stool was my undoing. 

Mandy is hoping I'll find a stray dog treat on the floor of the "magic closet" of food.
It was a grimy, dog hair covered mess.
Are people stepping on this stool with dirty shoes? Dirty feet?
Does it even matter?
Here's how the rest of "Sweeping the Pantry Floor" devolved.

1. Take step stool into laundry room to squirt the steps with soap.  Place outside.
2. While in laundry room, notice that cat feeding area is a nasty mess.
3. Remove and wash sticky widget that keeps cat dishes in place.
4. Remove and leave cat bowls in deep sink to soak.
5. Remove and toss tiny rug that keeps his Majesty the Hobbes hinny from having to sit on the cold counter while he eats, in the washing machine.
6. Go outside to begin scrubbing the step stool.
7. Decide that I don't want to hook up the garden hose (it's in cold weather storage) and decide to use rain water instead.
8. Figure since I'm going to pollute the rainwater with soap, I'd better use some of the water to water houseplants before I do so.
9. Decide one of my house plants needs a good long drink and a bath.
10. Haul houseplant outside and cross my fingers that this drink doesn't kill it (it's a succulent). 
11. Finally scrub the step stool. Rinse with rainwater and leave in sunshine to dry.
12. Realize I've just emptied the last of the rainwater in rinsing the stool and have to take the scrub brush back in to the deep sink to rinse it properly.
13. Rinse brush and toss outside to dry.   
14. Bring plant indoors and again cross my fingers that this drink doesn't kill it.
15. Go back to deep sink and wash and dry cat bowls.
16. Clean off counter/walls in cat feeding area.
17. Wipe down cabinets and top of washing machine and dryer since I'm already wiping things.
18. FINALLY go to sweep up the pantry floor.

While some folks may view this as amazing multi-tasking, mostly it's just maddening.
Yes, I got a several things taken care of, but I'm not certain it's the easiest way to go about cleaning my house. Sometimes I fail to complete the job of origin---because I get sidetracked. 
Lucky for me, and my pantry floor.
It is now clean(ish).
At least it is free from obvious debris.
For now.
Better go close the door.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Plus you have called it the "panty floor" Busy day. Had a few of those myself.

    1. How much fun is that!! Fun typo that made me laugh. Iight just leave it and give others a giggle too.

  2. Your story just cracked me up as that is how I clean my whole house. I figure if I don't do something when I first see it I'll forget it. It is so inefficient but at least the cleaning gets done.

    1. Linda, it's how I clean my house as well. Seldom does one job get started AND finished in one fell swoop. It still makes me crazy.

  3. I have ADD and that sounds like a normal day to me.

    1. Now I'm beginning to wonder if anyone cleans in an orderly fashion. One job started and finished before another one gets started?

  4. Sounds like how I get things done...and throw in there the husband coming in and saying...Come out and help me for a minute...then you return two hours later!

  5. Funny, that's just how I work. At least you finally made it back to the panty floor.

  6. This is why we know that when we "start out" to do something, that we are always making a trail. The reason all those home improvement shows work so quickly (aside from the magic of television production) is that they clear a room in one fell swoop. At least that is what they say.