Monday, December 29, 2014

Game Camera--Something Besides Deer!

I've had a game camera for a year now.
For some folks, that might be a delight.
However, I see 22+ deer up close and personal every morning.
Yes, I'm one of those people.
I feed the deer.
I began feeding them 4 years ago when our drought was at its worst---no food and no water, even in early spring.
I just couldn't let them suffer, so they get one scoop of corn (about 2 pounds) every morning to share amongst themselves.
I just haven't stopped.
I enjoy watching them and their interactions.
 Last night I threw out veggie scraps like I do every night.  
I long ago gave up trying to compost it.  
The chickens and deer and raccoons and opossums and skunks think composting is just a fancy word for dinner table. 
The deer that sleep on my property are often quick to pick up whatever scraps I throw out, almost as soon as they hit the ground.
Last night was different.
Mr. Gray Fox found the scraps before the deer did. 
Mr. Fox, up near the camera.
You can see the curve of his back in the lower right corner.
 What a lovely, albeit worrisome surprise.  
This means that I will have to be extra diligent in locking up the chicken coop at night.
Once Mr. Fox discovers a chicken coop, he'll be back every chance he gets until he's killed them all.
 I know from my composting days that all manner of chicken predators exist on my property.
It's just fun to finally see one behaving how it naturally does.
My other encounters have been with me identifying scat (poo), footprints and the occasional tree'd animal (bad dogs!). 
In case anyone would be disappointed in me if I didn't include deer photos, here are several of my resident old man buck. 
 He's old enough that his face has begun to gray and his eyes aren't quite as bright as they once were.
 He still manages to chase off the younger bucks that challenge his authority among the does.
 This year, he tuckered out more quickly than in years past.  
 This year he chased does and fought bucks with a little less stamina.
 This year he was quicker to scoot under the fence than in leaping over it.
Still, he remains a fixture among the "girls".
  The rut is over for this year.
Everyone is much more peaceful in the morning and the bucks have been congregating again without fighting.
Mr. Buck has to survive until Sunday to have outwitted hunters again this year.
He never ventures far from my place, so I'd imagine he'll live to see another crop of his youngsters this spring.

Here, you see the last of the game cameras photos.
The elusive "Ladyinherjammiepantsandslippers".
She is very good at avoiding the camera, but sometimes forgets it's there.  


  1. Your "critter cam" is so cool. Love the pictures it captures; even the picture of the human looking critter. Haha How neat to see the fox. My hubby keeps talking about getting one; but since we live in the city I don't think we would get any interesting critters.

    1. Linda, you'd be surprised what wildlife live in the city. If you feed the birds, I'm certain you have night visitors. You can get fairly inexpensive game cameras online. Mine is a Moultrie.

    2. Thanks, Carla! I'll have my hubby check it out. Happy New Years to you.

  2. I hate it when I get caught by the look like you were moving fast!