Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What 5 Hours on a Riding Mower Looks Like

This was my first time taking a "panoramic" photo on my phone.
Doesn't show the way I'd like it to here on my blog.

 It was, however, not my first time mowing one of my pastures.
The grasses had gotten hip high.
I mowed it for two reasons.

Reason 1--the barn.
Won't be too long and it'll be time to work on the barn!
Contracts were signed on September 12th.
Their maximum wait time is 12 weeks.
That puts us at December 2nd.
Prep work (road base, electricity and water) will begin before that.

photo credit: Elizabethmoon.com
Reason 2--Mr. and (possibly) Mrs. Gray Fox.

If you go back up to the 2nd pasture picture, you'll see a red dot (gas can) in the upper right area of the photo.
Just to the right of that is a very large, very old Oak tree that fell during a storm in July.
Most folks would just have it removed, but the old thing is still very much alive.
We have two other Oaks on our place that were obviously "blown over" trees from some time before we lived here.  They are interesting to look at and both alive and doing well.

This, being such a large tree and root system, has become home to at least one fox, if not two.
Gray fox are tiny, but not so tiny that they wouldn't eat a chicken if given the opportunity.
They are normally quite nocturnal, but I saw them out at 3 in the afternoon.
My chickens are out at 3 in afternoon!
My favorite chickens, the Buttercup sisters Amelia and Marie have a tendency to wander off by themselves.  
They are the perfect tiny chicken for a tiny fox to grab and eat.
It would break my heart.

My solution was to mow the tall grass, giving the fox no cover to hide in.  
My hope is that they will move on and find a more suitable place to overwinter.
I love all wildlife, but I love my chickens more.


  1. Beautiful pasture land. Love the white fences and the big oaks. Not much of that around here. Looks like a big mowing job. Hope the foxes move so you can worry a little less about your chickens.

  2. What a beautiful pasture! Sure hope mowing the grass makes the foxes move on. would hate to hear they decided to have on of your "girls" for lunch.

  3. I love all wildlife, but my own animals come first!!! I hope it works!!! GOOD LUCK!