Friday, November 14, 2014

Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising is an oxymoron at best.
Recipes very often fall in this category.

This yummy little creation is what I set out to make.

It was advertised in a circular from my local grocery store.
It is actually a reprint from a recipe on the Libby's/Carnation website.
Look back up at that top picture.
100 calories for that tiny piece of pumpkin pie perfection.
I could have my pie and diet too!!
Thanksgiving is saved!!

 Or not!

I made a practice batch before the big day.
I wanted to make sure they were wonderful and beautiful and perfect.

I followed the directions to the letter.

I even went on a search for all foil baking cups.
My grocery store now carries fancy baking cups and no longer carries plain old aluminum ones.

Good thing I did, too!!
What a nasty, ugly mess!
The coloring isn't even the same, let alone that the "tartlet" didn't even begin to come out of the cup.
There's a suspicion on my part that the little pie in their picture was made with ingredients that are a far cry from the ingredients in the recipe.
Maybe some cream cheese and whole eggs?
Maybe some full fat evaporated milk?
I would guess that would take the calories up from 100 to about 500.

My biggest question is "WHY?"
It's not like they're making big money on evaporated milk or canned pumpkin.
Why mislead me and other dieters this way?
Maybe no one else makes a test batch.
Maybe other bakers/dieters would just go on faith that their little pies would be beautiful and perfect and bake them on Thanksgiving morning?

Oh well.
It didn't cost me much to learn this lesson.
I think Thanksgiving dinner will be filled with all the common savory and sweet goodies, I'll just eat less of them.
Or I'll eat two pieces of pie and then take a nice long walk.
Either way, don't believe every picture you see.
A picture, in this case, truly is worth a thousand words.
Or three words.
Big. Fat. Lie.


  1. Oh I have had MANY examples like this. There are so many fake recipes out there these days, it's very defeating. I'm glad you did a test batch!

  2. I so agree with Katie....excellent post, by the way!


  3. Yup. Truth in advertising is an oxymoron.

  4. I agree with all the above. I really get upset when advertisers lie to the public. Good thing you made a test batch. I have tried those Fiber One bars that are 100 calories. Might as well eat the box - it tastes the same. Better to eat something that tastes good just less of it.