Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sheila the Big Fat Pig Needs Your Help!

One of my favorite blogs is The Kitchens Garden.
It is based in Illinois and is beautifully written by Cecilia Gunther. 
Celi for short.
She has a cast of characters on her farm that fall right in line with the bucolic farm of yesteryear.
She has one or two or three (or more) of just about every farm animal from my childhood books about farm animals.

all photo credits: of Cecila Gunther at
All her animals have delightful names and each has a job.
Milk, eggs, wool, honey, and the youngsters produced from breeding.
Everyone contributes.
Unfortunately, her beloved pig, Sheila cannot contribute.
She had a bad experience with a boar pig and has not come into heat since then.
No baby piggies for Sheila.
In order for Sheila to earn her keep on the farm, she has taken to selling t-shirts and calendars to pay for feed for the winter.
Celi was nice enough to help her with this venture by setting up the accounts and taking all the pictures. 
As you can see above, she finds plenty of food for herself during the warmer months.

If you'd like to help Sheila earn her keep this winter, consider buying a t-shirt or calendar.
The links for both are below.

If you cannot help Sheila, no worries.
Do find time to visit Celi's blog.
She has a way of writing that makes you never want to close your computer.
She is so talented and so humble about it all.
You'll soon have her bookmarked, I promise!


  1. It is a great blog to visit!