Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Photo Makes Me So Happy

I have two very unusual chickens---both Sicilian Buttercups.  
Amelia(Earhart) and Marie(Curie).
I named them after brave women who worked outside the norms of their time.
I named them before I knew anything about them--even their breed.

They love to visit with humans.  They love to sit on your shoulder or lap and quietly check you for signs of buggies.  
They seem to have become the darlings of the farm with visitors and family alike.
Anyone who goes out to see the big attraction (new donkey boys) get a visit from the little Italian hens.

This picture makes me so happy because it is of my Mother-In-Love and Amelia.
Partaking in what I call, "The Mutual Admiration Society".

Mom grew up on a farm in Iowa.
She's long held that farming is not something she'd ever go back to.
Especially the livestock part of it.  
For her, it was real work.
Everything had a job or a reason for being there.
My animals are purely farm pets.  
They are here for enjoyment and love (and eggs!).

More and more, when Mom comes over (thankfully, she and Dad only live 3 miles away), she goes to "check on the livestock".  
She seems to take great joy in visiting with the donkeys and the chickens.
This picture doesn't show Dad.
He was down the fence line, watching Mom and Amelia.
Such a smile on his face!
I don't know who was having a better time----me, him or her?

She was happy visiting with my unusual chicken and he was happy seeing her so happy.
I saw real love in his eyes.
Love of 60+ years.
Love has its ups and downs in any relationship.
Often it seems completely missing and you just have to trudge through the proverbial mud to get back to a place in your relationship where you can stand on dry land again---together.
Mom and Dad are testament to hanging in there.
I don't know if they had "muddy" places in their 60 years together.
I'm sure they probably did.

In this picture, they were firmly on dry land.
Love in his eyes and hers.


  1. That's the wonderful thing about creatures. No judging. If they feel like being your friend and you give a little of yourself, there is happiness to be shared. Great photo! Smiles.

  2. What a sweet photo, and lovely thoughts on lasting love <3

  3. What a great post Carla! Thanks!

  4. I love that huge smile and the chicken who seems perfect right there!

  5. I love the smile on your mother-in-law's face - pure joy.