Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Brain Surgery" for the Boys

Mini donkey folks have a saying for when you get your donkey boys castrated.
"Brain Surgery"

My boys were sweet as sugar before their surgery on Monday.
However, knowing how intact donkeys and horses can turn on dime as far as behavior
the fact that the world does not need more miniature donkeys; 
I chose to do the right thing for them and me and get them fixed.
Ted and Bill about an hour post-op.
Donkeys are smart enough to stay put when they are heavily sedated.
No "drinking and driving" for them.
It's a bit more complicated than when a horse or a household pet is done.
Not to go into too many gory details, but the surgery site is left open to drain.
There is a large blood vessel involved and it must be tied off and sutured closed to avoid having the donkey bleed to death.  
Their clotting factor is much smaller than a human or even a horse.

Keeping the wounds clean, draining and the swelling down involves a gentle rinsing with the garden hose and forced bit of trotting around the pasture. 
It seems cruel, but I don't over do it.  
If those things aren't done, infection is quick to set up household and then there is a whole 'nuther set of problems to deal with.  

Bill gave me a scare on Tuesday morning.  He was still bleeding and it looked as though something might have gone wrong with the surgery site.  

My vet came right back out.  She sedated him, took a much closer look, cleaned him up and declared everything in order.  

He was right as rain within a couple hours.

Today, they are doing much better except for the flies.
That problem is easily remedied with fly spray.

According to the vet and other mini donkey owners, I can expect for their "Jack-like" behavior to wane by mid-winter.
Until then, they'll continue to try to out-do one another for being herd leader. 
I'll have to keep an eye on their body language for any signs of them being aggressive toward me as well.


  1. Whew! I never knew that about donkeys or min's. You are the herd leader...they need to understand....this should help!

  2. I had no idea their surgery would be more complicated than a horse. Hope both boys are feeling "up to snuff" real soon. They sure are cute little fellows.