Monday, October 27, 2014


I began wondering how long I've been blogging, when a dear blogger friend (Danni) posted about her blog's birthday today. 
So, I looked back in my archives.
Turns out I've been blogging for 6 years and 7 months and change.
Today is my 836th post.

A few things have changed.

I now use all our real names.  
I used everyone's middle names to protect our identity because just like Pioneer Woman, I was certain that I would magically become famous and then end up with stalkers or something.  
I gave up on that and now you know our real names.
However, many people now call me CeeCee---including my sister, Nora and my niece, Sarah.

What else has changed?
My cast of characters has changed a bit.
As happens every single day in this world, pets and people die.

Lucky, my cat, ran out of luck and we believe he was snatched by a coyote.
Jenna's rat, Lucy died.  
Several chickens have died.
Worst of all, my brother John died.

I've added characters too.
I talked Eric into another cat. 
He's a pill, but he's my pill.
Jenna got more rats.
I got more chickens.
I got miniature donkeys, at long, long last.

Preston graduated both High School and college.
Jenna graduated High School and is off at college in Iowa.
Quinn started out this blog as a 9 year old in 4th grade.  
He's now in High School and learning to drive.
Best of all, I got a daughter-in-love, Katie.
She and Preston got married in January 2014.
Bestest of all, I got a granddaughter, Evie, on October 20th!
She was 5 weeks early, but perfect as a peach!

I got to meet 4 blogger friends in the interim as well.
I met Danni and her Critters in June of 2012.
Her place is even more beautiful in person than it is in pictures.
I got to meet Carson (7MSN Ranch), Justina and Don (Morning Bray Farm) in September of 2013 through unfortunate circumstances. 
Carson had emergency surgery and several friends rallied to take care of her ranch and animals.  
I was one of them.
I will say that Carson's ranch really is 7 miles south of nowhere!

All is well.
My life is blessed.


  1. Oh, what a fun look-back! Isn't it crazy how the time has just flown by?!
    I have to say, I'm really glad it isn't just Carson and I who insist on still calling you CeeCee.... :-)
    Evie is so lovely...congratulations again.
    And congratulations on #836!!

  2. Way to hang in there! Keep on blogging. Life changes but having good friends like you along makes the trip a real adventure. Maybe some day I'll find my way to your neighborhood and we can share stories face to face.

  3. It is amazing how our life changes as time passes by. Your life has certainly changed for the better in most cases. I have enjoyed "meeting" you and your family through your blog. And I hope you continue to blog for a long time. So happy to hear that your granddaughter is doing well.

  4. Congratulations! I think we must have started about the same time...I always enjoy your thoughts!

  5. The best part of children is having grandchildren....You will enjoy every minute of this time in your life!!!


  6. So glad you keep blogging! It allows me to learn lots about you that I may never have otherwise known. Bella's blog has taken over and my blog has taken a back burner. Someday... someday. I love you so much!