Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Waiting in Line at the Grocery Store

The "grocery store" in the flower beds this year was the Hosta flower stalks.
There were 9 praying mantis' and one old grasshopper in line on this particular day.
 Each waiting patiently for their groceries.
 Looks like brown and green are the colors that will be "in" as far as fashion goes this winter.
Good thing too, I love brown and green.

 These shoppers were far more patient than me when it comes to waiting in a line that doesn't seem to be moving.

 If my line isn't moving, I end up talking to myself and harumphing just above a whisper about how I have to be somewhere and how my ice cream is going to melt if things don't hurry along.

Then I see someone who has bigger problems than melting ice cream and I calm down.  

Mr. Grasshopper's wings are misshapen and he will never fly.

 I will often resort to talking to those in my line or flirting with their crying toddlers.
It makes Eric crazy.
"Who was that you were talking to?"

"I don't know."
Probably made my mother crazy when I was a little girl----me talking to strangers.

 I get a wee bit jealous of those that stand with zen-like faces as their line comes to a halt.

 Maybe standing on their heads is what makes them so patient.
Not sure I can resort to standing on my head.  

Of course it might lighten the mood of all those around me if I stood on my head.
The crashing sound that would immediately follow my attempt would surely cause to lighten the mood.
Candy and magazines and me, in a heap.

 This one finally resorted to prayer.
A prayer that the line would get moving.
A prayer that the checker would come back from his price check.

Looks like he's gone on break.
I think we'll be here a while.
If you need me, I'll be talking to Mr. Grasshopper whilst standing on my head.
I wonder if I should put my ice cream back?


  1. Takes a sharp eye to pick out those line-waiters at first. Mantis are so amazing. My kids have raised a few, gloried in the hunt and the kill when they are fed, watched a hatch and let them free in the garden. Sadly our winters are not kind to them. They seldom come back no matter how hard we pray. Maybe standing on our heads?? Nah.

  2. Those are some awesome photos. You have a very good eye for spotting them . I had to really look at some of the pictures. Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about standing in line at the grocery store. Not on my list of favorite things to do.