Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

First, as always, I researched to see where the common saying, 
"This is why we can't have nice things" originated.
No one knows.
Some say a movies (Jane Austen's Mafia, War of the Roses).
Some say television (Everybody Loves Raymond).
Most say it was their mother or grandmother.
No matter.
It obviously implies that nice things get broken.
Usually by children.
Donkeys are not children, but they behave much like a child.
A child about 18 months old.
They put EVERYTHING in their mouths.
Also, they don't want their toys.

They want everything that is NOT a toy. 
Case in point.

My chair.
I took it out to sit in while visiting with them.
I got up after they wandered away and began to pick up manure.
Bill and Ted came right back and grabbed the chair.
It ended up 50 yards away before I was able to get it back from them.
In the second chair photo, you'll see a soccer ball about 30 feet to Ted's right.
Do they play with the soccer ball?
No, not if there are new "toys" 

Below, you'll see two carpet runners.
Ancient runners that had long ago been retired to the garage under the category of,
"We'll use these again for something."
"Something" happened immediately following our 8 inch rainfall in 72 hours.
Their paddock was a muddy, sloppy mess. 
I wanted them to be able to lie down without sinking 3 inches into the mud.
Out came the runners.

 The next morning I wanted out to see how they'd faired on their nice carpeted bed.

 Something is missing.
Two minus one equals one.

Here Jane inspects the missing runner.
Out in the paddock.
I wonder what this looked like while it was happening.
Was it Bill or Ted or both that drug it out from under their sleeping area.
Maybe one of them fell out of bed?
Not likely.
I wish I had been there with a camera to see them carrying the runner together.
They always do their carrying together.

 Manure bucket.
 What's mine is theirs evidently.

 Luckily, I had emptied the bucket into the wheelbarrow for disposal.

Everything is a toy for my boys.
For all donkeys I suspect.
Other donkey owners have pictures very similar to mine.
I suppose it's good to have donkeys who can entertain themselves.
It's when it gets quiet that we worry.
There is nothing quiet about dragging a chair or carrying a bucket.


  1. How cute they are!!!


  2. Sounds like raising kids is good training for raising donkeys----or is it the other way around?

  3. These two sound just like little boys. Give them a nice present and they would rather play with the box. Good thing you had two boys of your own. It was good practice for what is to follow with Bill and Ted. Have fun.