Thursday, September 11, 2014

Not the Bird I Was Hoping For

I set up my game camera on the the fence last night at dusk.
The owl chicks have been using the fence as their landing pad between bug hunting trips under one of my oak trees.
I think I figured out what bug they're gobbling like popcorn every night----
cicadas that are just emerging from the ground.
While setting up a shelter for the donkeys (another story, another day) I discovered 15 cicada shells on the tree trunk.

I digress.

I was hoping for some good shots of the owls coming and going from the fence.
What I got was this little male bluebird.
He's moulting, thus the white tufts of feathers among the red on his breast.
They are such curious little birds and it would be just like one to check out my camera.

I didn't get any shots of owls.
I found the camera on the ground this morning.
I'll make sure it's better secured tonight.


  1. What a fun photo! I enjoy my game camera, although it doesn't take colors!


  2. That is a neat picture of the Bluebird. Good luck with your night hunting. Have a great weekend.