Monday, September 15, 2014

My New Do

I have always thought my hair was my best physical quality.
No matter how much weight I gained and lost and gained again, no matter how little makeup I had on, no matter how many wrinkles appear---my hair is always thick and has a great texture.
It looks really great if I style it.

There's the rub.
I'm not one to always want to spend time with the blow-dryer and a lot of hair product.
I was always one to want to be able to pull it back in a pony tail and go.
It gets darned hot here in the summer and the pony tail is my go-to Do.
Spending a half hour/45 minutes with the blow-dryer just made the heat more unbearable.
Menopause just adds to the fun.

There's also the little matter of having a round face.
That, coupled with several extra pounds made a short haircut an impossibility in my book.
Hair cut to chin length "accentuates a round face, making it appear even more round (aka: fat)".
I put that in quotes because EVERY. SINGLE. magazine and website about hair says the same thing.


Despite my need to avoid short hair, my long hair needed to be cut.
I went to my normal hair cutting place and asked for, "All one length, just below the top of my shoulders."
What I got was an inch above the top of my shoulders.
Normally, I would have just let it grow out and called it done.
I couldn't.
It was awful!
It was uneven and I looked like I had a pyramid on my head.
No amount of hair gel and hair drying could make it acceptable.

I called my friend and hair salon owner and begged her to fix it.
I don't normally go to her for anything but coloring.
The other place has been cutting my family's  hair for 20 years--I kid you not.

This one of the most obvious cases of "You get what you pay for" if ever there was one.
An hour and a half later, she revealed the new haircut.
The new me.

I felt pretty for the first time in a very, very long time.

I can no longer pull it up in a pony tail.
I can no longer just let it dry and go.
However, I think it might just be worth it.
It won't take nearly as long to dry and I still have great hair; but now I have a great haircut to go with it!


  1. That haircut is so becoming to you. I absolutely love it. Your friend did a fabulous job.

  2. Looks GOOD! You do have very nice hair. And a nice smile. If I lived nearby I'd go to your friend and hair salon owner. I'm in the market for a beautician who can give a good trim.

  3. You look very nice! I think you will enjoy the freedom of shorter hair...swing free!


  4. Looks good to me...I almost always prefer short hair for what it is would not look good with my sort hair do though ;-)