Thursday, September 25, 2014

I Love Christmas Just as Much as The Next Person, But...

I would really like for the Christmas season to stay between Thanksgiving night and Christmas day.

I have long bought into the perfection myth that follows Christmas.
Everyone must have exactly the perfect gift.
Everyone must be happy.
Whether they like it or not.
The tree must be perfect.
The decorations must be perfect.
The food must be perfect.
I allow myself, despite my best efforts, to get stressed out.
To feel as though Christmas and all its trappings define me.
Is everyone happy?
Then I've failed Christmas; as though it were a test of my humanity somehow.

The realist in me knows that it is simply impossible for everyone to be happy in any given group.

The first catalog arrived 2 days before Fall!
I keep telling myself that, and yet I buy into the hype
Luckily for me, Eric is a top notch Christmas present buyer.
While I spend a lot of time wringing my hands (and doing nothing) about what each person should get and whether they'll like it;  he's on Amazon every day looking to see if a certain something reminds him of a certain someone in our family.

This year, according to the retail powers that be, my Christmas stress is supposed to begin on September 22nd.  
I got my first official Christmas catalog on Monday.
It wasn't officially Fall until Wednesday.
Soooooooo, I got a Christmas catalog in what was technically Summer!

I try to find joy in the season.
To remember it is a time for laughter, good food, friends, family, love and peace.
For me, I also remember the birth of Christ and what that means to me.

What do you do to combat those feelings of inadequacy?
How do you take care of yourself during this season of perfection?
If you'd like to wait until Thanksgiving dinner is digesting to answer those questions, I'll understand.
Believe me, I'll understand.  


  1. I too wish that retailers wouldn't shove Christmas down my throat so early. Why can't they at least wait until after Halloween. Hallmark puts out their Christmas ornaments in July. I have stopped stressing out about all this and just wait until I am ready. there is no such thing as the perfect gift. Many of mine are home made and loved just as much. I do try to think of each person and what they like and basically "shop" all year long, If I see something in June that my Son might like I buy it then and put it away until Christmas. Christmas is all bout the "gift" God sent us and I wish more people would think of that instead of the "buy, buy, buy philosophy they retailers try to pomote. Enough of my ramblings , have a great weekend.

  2. My daughter is the most adamant about not joining the hype...I guess I just stay out of the stores as best I can to ignore it. But really, they screw with all the holidays any more...halloween stuff was up well over a month ago too. It's best to be a hermit I think!

  3. It's Christmas here also...and it isn't October even yet!!!