Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Can't Really Wrap My Mind Around It

According to Baby, my grandbaby girl is as big as cabbage this week.
"Your baby tips the scales at 3 pounds and is 15 3/4 inches from head to toe."

I watch the little date ticker you see on my right sidebar with anticipation.
Funny, when I was pregnant with each of my three babies, the time went SO slow.
I look at that "67 days" on baby's countdown ticker and think, "It's just around the corner!"

I haven't felt her move yet.
Even thought Katie is my daughter-in-love, I would never be so bold as to ask to touch her belly.

The baby moving, is such a gift for pregnant women
(most of the time--unless you're being kicked in the ribs).
Something that only she can feel.
I remember the little kicks and watching tiny baby stretches occur, right in my own body.
I also remember wondering why we aren't dismayed by it.
It is not unsettling in the least bit.
We, as women, wait and wait for that first flitter of movement.
It has been described as feeling like a butterfly brushing your cheek.
That is exactly what those first movements feel like.
We have it all to ourselves for a month or more until others can feel it from the outside.

I don't see Katie and Preston every week, but I think about them every single day.
Many times a day.
I think of the wonder and mystery and happiness and worries they have.
I think of how Katie is beginning to experience being uncomfortable.
That little cabbage is taking up room where once her lungs, stomach and bladder sat in their respective places.

I pray for health and well being as she enters these last two months of her pregnancy.
I pray for Baby Girl Cox and for my first born, Preston, every day as well.

I can't wait to meet this little girl, but I will.
67 more days


  1. Congrats, Almost Grandma! Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. How exciting for you! You will love being a grandma. My best to the expectant parents.

  3. Yeah! Sounds like tons of excitement! I know you can't wait!

  4. The best part about having kids is they have GRANDKIDS!!! YAY!