Friday, September 19, 2014

Feast or Famine

Thanks to Hurricane Odile, we are now in the Feast portion of our rainfall in Central Texas.
I'd like to have great photos of water rushing or pools of standing water, but everything is just wet.
Really, really wet.
Nothing pretty or interesting about mud.

And boy do I have lot of mud!
Because, before our Feast, was Famine.
We were in an "Extreme" drought (National weather service words, not mine).
Drought means dust/dirt.
Lots of it.

Flooding means mud.
Lots of it.

At our house, the rainfall total for the last 48 hours is 8 inches.
More rain is expected today.

I go out several times a day to pick the mudballs out of Bill and Ted's feet.
The mud builds up in the their little hooves and it ends up like they are walking on something the size of a lime
It's important not to let that stuff sit there, because they can get thrush from the continual dampness the mud provides.
Also, it's terribly uncomfortable.
Think of walking around with a marble in your shoe.
It's not their favorite activity---to have their feet picked several times a day, so I bring pretzels.
Pretzels are their snack of choice.

Anyhoo, that's what's going on.
I must thank Hurricane Odile for our Feast.
Seems it takes a hurricane to bring decent rainfall to our area anymore.

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  1. RAIN!!! Lovely wonderful rich wonderful rain!