Thursday, August 7, 2014

Office Assistant Helps with Janitorial Duties

My office assistant, Hobbes, has always been very fastidious about keeping himself and his surroundings clean.
That is why it came as no surprise to me when he began helping me clean up after the two newest members of my team, Bill and Ted.

Ted and Bill, newest members of our family team.

Bill and Ted are part of my landscaping----or rather un-landscaping crew.
While they are terribly efficient at un-landscaping, they tend to leave "messes" in their wake.
I agreed to cleaning up those messes as a part of their contract.

Hobbes decided that I needed help this morning.
He's 100% all in when it comes to cleaning up messes.
I've even seen him cover up what the dogs have left in the yard.

I think he's bucking for a raise?
I think he might get one!

Hobbes: I swear, these new employees are messy!

Hobbes: I can not for the life of me figure out why Mom brought them on board.

Hobbes: They're just like the pet caterpillars she had a while ago---Eat, poop, eat, poop, repeat...

Hobbes: Good thing I'm here to help her clean up or she'd never get anything else done.

Hobbes: She has to have some time in the day to buy cat food.

Hobbes: I think that'll do it for that pile.
I wonder if she'd ready to talk about giving me a raise?


  1. I agree with Hobbs - he deserves a raise! Good employees like him are worth the money. Plus.....he's so handsome!

  2. Yes. Give him a raise. Most guys would just step over things like that and never register there was a problem. Still, as organic exhaust goes that is pretty small; smaller than most large dogs leave and I'll better it doesn't smell as bad.

  3. I too agree with Hobbes, he definitely needs a raise after all his hard work. And you didn't even have to ask for his help. I'd double that raise. :)

  4. Hobbes will need more calories with all of the work he will be doing...never ending task I guess! We had a dog who cleaned up messes like that in another way...not gonna say anything more, but covering is a good thing!

  5. Oh, yes! A huge raise!!