Friday, August 15, 2014

Isn't She Lovely?

Fair Warning----Snake post ahead

Monday morning I went out to let my chickens out of their coop and was greeted by this silhouette. 
The very same pretty Texas Rat snake I had purposely avoided while mowing my pasture a few weeks back.
They are called Rat snakes for their voracious appetites of all things rodent.
While mowing, I also saw many rats.  
I decided to let the snake stay, even though they are known for eating eggs as well.

They are also 'constrictors'.  
They grab on tight with their bodies and don't let go.
Here it's obvious that getting her unwound from the wall of the chicken coop was going to be a two person job.  
Thank goodness Jenna was awake.  
We gently cajoled her into coming out--one touch at a time.
It was my job to grab the bitey end while Jenna tapped the other end.
Gloves are a necessity, as they do bite.

 That flat head is one of the snake's defenses. 
I'm not squeezing her head, she's doing it all on her own. 
They flatten it to look bigger to whatever is bothering them.  
Humans have been known to be positive they have a cobra in their yard because of it.  
That behavior usually gets the snake's head chopped right off.

 Another defense they have, is the ability to "rattle" their tails.  
I don't know how they make the sound, but it's obvious they are mimicking a Rattlesnake.
This also gets their heads chopped off by humans.

 Luckily for her, I know all this snakes tricks and am able to simply move this fabulous predator to another location.

Happy hunting pretty girl!


  1. I am so glad you let her go (how can you tell it's a her? just wondering, lol). I have found 3 of these this year in my coops, ugh - they have eaten a *lot* of my eggs, sigh. But, knowing that they are not otherwise harmful, and in fact are very good snakes to have around, I have 'rehomed' them - hopefully far enough away that they can't get back to my coops. Good call on the gloves; I was bitten by one (important tip - don't reach blindly into a nesting box at night), and while not venomous, it did hurt and was itchy for days. Now I keep a pair of welding gloves right by the coop for just such occasions :-)

    By the way, Bill and Ted are completely adorable!

    Patty (from the Texas hill country :-) )

  2. Too bad more people aren't educated on the benefits and dangers of things like snakes and spiders. So much screaming, and killing of helpful creatures could be avoided.

  3. I try to save snake also, but first I jump and shudder and then help them move to another spot!