Monday, August 25, 2014

He's Grown a Bit, Don't You Think?

Quinn, on his first day of kindergarten.  
Same door, just outside instead of inside.  
Same great smile, same hopeful attitude.
School is were the friends are when you live in a rural neighborhood.
Kindergarden was probably a wee bit easier than his 10th grade year will be.
He's taking all AP and Pre-AP classes (Advanced Placement) this year.

Prayers for his ability to see through the tough stuff and know he's up to it.
Prayers that he deepens old friendships and makes new ones, too.
Prayers that he remembers what he learned this summer and reaches out to those on the edge---The invisible ones.
Prayers that he remembers that he is a person of worth; that he is smart and funny and handsome.
Prayers that he knows, deep in his bones, that he is loved--truly, madly, deeply!
Prayers that he remembers that he is worthwhile and that he will survive if his heart gets broken.
Prayers that he grasps that it is seldom the "teacher's fault" when things go badly in his schoolwork.
Prayers that we, as his parents, say the right things to lift him up when he is down and hold him accountable when he is out of line.
Prayers for him, for his fellow classmates, his teachers, and us as his parents.
Love you BooBoo!!, Mom


  1. Quinn has grown into one handsome your man!

  2. Just a tad. What a handsome smile!! An outstanding young man!