Saturday, August 30, 2014

Don't Be Chicken...

DISCLAIMER: If you are at ALL wobbly about talk of blood, I'd skip this post.
If not, onward then.

Don't be a Chicken...Give Blood

I WANT this shirt!
I only have to donate 2 more times to get one!

Particularly apropos' for me, don't you think.
'Cuz I have chickens and I used to be chicken about giving blood.

I have had 3 babies.
You'd think that experience would make me stronger than steel regarding all things needle related.
Well, it has----sort of.

Blood doesn't bother me one bit.
Mine or someone else's.

Shots don't bother me either.
Neither does lab work.

BUT, all these years (I'm 48) I never once gave blood until last March.
I didn't even know my blood type. 
Because my first experience with rather large needles was not a good one.
I was in labor with Preston.  
Starting my IV did not go well.
Three nurses and one person from the lab later, they got my IV started.

I've had many blood draws for lab work since then.
All went off without a hitch.

Still, no blood donations on my part.

Then I saw a commercial about blood donation that made it seem more real, more human.
A commercial with a family.
A commercial of them telling their story.
Their daughter, Lindsey had leukemia and received over 100 units of blood before her entire treatment for cancer was over.
She would have died without it.

I had no idea.
I watched video after video of the lifesaving gift of just one unit of blood.

A mobile blood drive was posted on my hometown Facebook page.
I signed up.
Eric signed up too.  He's never been a chicken.  He's given blood for years.

So, off we went on a little blood donation date. 
Heck, there were cookies and juice!
Food consumption with your hubby, while not at out your house equals a "date" doesn't it?

The folks that worked on the (immaculate/freaky clean, by the way!) blood mobile were such a hoot.
Funny, informative, "talk to strangers" sort of people.  
My kind of people!

They set me up in a chair-lounge sort of thing that I wanted to take home with me.
I could've napped had it not been so cold. (if you donate blood, wear a jacket).

The phlebotomist (fancy word for someone who draws blood) was so very, very good at his job.
Barely felt a stick.
Talked with me the entire time.
Gave me updates..."1/2 way done, almost done, another minute or so...".
I never once saw a needle or blood or anything that would give me pause.
It was all over in 10 minutes, tops.

I contributed to saving someone's life in 10 minutes.
All I had to do was lay there, chat with funny people who enjoyed their jobs, and then have snacks.
Why wouldn't I do this very simple thing, over and over again?
Why had I waited 30 years (you can't donate blood 'til you're 18) to do this simple, simple thing?
I was chicken.

Chicken no more!
Eric and I are off on another "give blood date" this morning.
This time we're going for real food after our appetizer of juice and cookies.

Are you chicken?

Don't be!  

If I can do it, so can you!

Save a life!
Be a hero!

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  1. I have always donated blood. Where I used to work (before I retired) they would have a blood drive at work. Now who wouldn't want to get a free break and snacks at work while giving life saving blood.