Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Darned Tree Rat!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have raised orphaned baby squirrels for a local rescue group.
I have endured eye rolling and story after story of folks encounters with squirrels.

"Tree rats, you raise tree rats?!"

"My neighbor's house caught on fire because a squirrel chewed through wires in their attic."

"I've spent hundreds of dollars on squirrel-proof feeders and they still find a way to eat my bird seed!"

I've heard them all.
I understand and respect each story.

I'm also of the belief that people that find a nest full of baby squirrels on the ground after a storm have to have someplace to take them.
Good people want to feel like they've done something good in this world.
Not letting baby animals die of exposure or starvation or being eaten by fire ants is a "good thing".

I am keenly aware of both sides of the "squirrel" coin.
I have a squirrel (not one I raised) that has made it her mission to get into a rubbermaid tub that I have out by my donkey paddock.
At one time in its life, the tub held deer corn.
Its current use is to store donkey brushes, fly spray and halters.
Not food.

She was not convinced. 

I even left the lid off one day so she could see there was nothing of value to her in the tub.

She persisted.

The tub is now useless, except for open storage.
Replacement lids are not for sale---anywhere.

Once I get my barn up, it won't be a problem.
Until then, I'll have to find something or someplace to store things that cannot be gotten into by squirrels.
I can hear the squirrel haters now.
"Ha! Good luck with that! Darned tree rats!"


  1. Raccoons and opossums are our big invaders. I guess the cats around the place keep our squirrels at bay although there are plenty...maybe they just stay away from tubs etc because the cats don't give them time to do damage? Anyhow...I feel your pain!

  2. We got an old-fashioned galvanized metal trash can for our bird seed. Squirrels and raccoons cannot chew through it. Home Depot sells them, calling them ash cans. If you don't need to set it on a shelf, limiting its height, one might do the trick for you.

  3. I feel your pain. My place has more squirrels than I know what to do with with. Squirrels around here seem to decimate lawns, gardens and bird feeders. But every life is precious even if it is a squirrels.