Thursday, August 28, 2014


I missed blogging about our summer celebrations.
Here's a quick recap.

We begin in May with my Father-In-Love.
Eight-six years young!
Homemade, triple layer German Chocolate cake.
In June comes Eric.
He won't mind me sharing that he turned 51 this year.
The pie was a fresh strawberry and peach pie.
Summer birthdays folks can have yummy fruit pies because all the good fruit is in season then.

Next was our anniversary in early August.
It was our 26th.
We didn't do anything.
He was out of town.
We exchanged cards.
It slipped by, mostly unnoticed.
Jenna marked our anniversary by making us an apple pie.
It was amazing!
She even bought my favorite ice cream in the whole world to go with it!

 To round out the summer months, we celebrated my Mother-In-Love's 84th Birthday in August.
Her pie was a fresh blueberry pie.

The thing that I am most thankful for is that the whole family shows up for these celebrations.
We were even lucky enough to have visitors in town for all 3 birthdays!

Jenna's sweetie, Jeremy and his brother, Jacob.
It wasn't intentional, but worked out wonderfully.
The more the merrier!

September sets off a whole new set of family birthdays.
Starting with Quinn's 16th!!

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  1. July, September and October are my big birthday and anniversary months. However, due to my family living so far away the "big" days are spent with just hubby and I. Some day I hope to live closer to my family so we can celebrate special days together. Have a great weekend.