Friday, August 29, 2014

Burro Brothers in Action

I still haven't figured out which donkey is the leader of their little 'herd' of two.
I think they're trying to figure that out as well.
Unfortunately, they haven't been gelded/castrated yet and their play time scuffles seem to be a bit rougher than other donkeys I've seen mixing it up.
Carson's donkeys, George and Alan, do not leave giant welts and missing pieces of hair on each other when playing.
George and Alan do not have obvious "I grabbed your ear with my teeth and held on so tight that you had to pull it out of my mouth" scrapes.

This weekend, Eric and I will take a look at his travel schedule and see when I can have the vet come out and do "Brain Surgery" (as other donkey owners have been known to call it) on the boys.
I think their recovery would go best if I have Eric here to help me.
It's infinitely more involved than simply taking your dog to the vet and then picking him up at the end of the day.

Until then, enjoy the pictures of the boys doing what brothers do best.
And Eating.


  1. Those teeth look pretty menacing. The guys probably do need a little mellowing out.