Monday, August 4, 2014

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

If you're here looking for these two young men, you've come to the wrong place.
the donkey boys are most definitely named after the delightful fictional characters of 
Bill S. Preston, Esquire 
"Ted" Theodore Logan

The entire premise of the their characters is wrapped up in the fact that they are both goofballs.
They both love life and are not afraid to take chances.
They live by the mantra of "Be Excellent to Each Other".
Donkey's tend to embody all of those attributes and more.

Ted is the dark "haired" one.
Bill is the "blonde" one.
 Plus, we LOVE the movie.  
It gets quoted heavily at our house, along with several other not-Oscar-worthy movies.

I thought long and hard about their names and kept coming back to Bill and Ted.
And so, Bill and Ted it will be.

I'm certain that we are in for many excellent adventures.
Hopefully time travel is not one of them. 


  1. love your choice of names for your donkeys......enjoy.

  2. Those are cute names for your "boys". I remember the movie well and I am sure the names will be very appropriate.

  3. Fun! And I must say like Leenie EXCELLENT!!!


  4. I love the way you chose their names! They sure are adorable!

  5. B for blonde - there is now hope that I'll remember who's who.