Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sometimes the Littlest Things Take Up the Most Room in Your Heart

There are balloons in this big black box.

Just a one picture after this one, the balloons were released.
At that point I began screaming and failed to get a photo of them floating away.
The look on Preston and Katie's faces was priceless and I'm sad I didn't capture it.

The balloons were PINK!

You see, only the radiologist and the kid at Party City knew what sex their baby was until they opened the box.
The kids received a sealed envelope from the radiologist that had the sex of the baby on it. 
(see photo below)
They took the envelope and the large box that Katie and her mom made, to a party supply store.
They handed them both over and then left the store.
When they returned, they paid their bill and left with a box full of balloons---either pink or blue.

They both were certain it was a boy because the radiologist was so quick to find was she was looking for.

It was a glorious 4th of July for our families.
We all gathered to share a meal, watch fireworks and celebrate the big 'reveal'.

I am simply beside myself with joy.
I cannot imagine how much more I can love this baby.
It is so very nice to finally be able to say, "She" and not "It".
I hear being a Grandma is a glorious profession.
One that I intend to excel at.

This wee being will be so loved by so many.
I fear Preston's whole being will be tightly wrapped around her tiny finger.
I can only imagine the two of them in awe of the gift that they have been given when she finally arrives.
We can only wonder about who she will be.
Whether she'll have hair or not.
Whether she'll be a have Katie's lips or Preston's smile.
Whether she'll be quiet and contemplative or boisterous and outspoken.

Until then, We wait and hope and dream and smile at the miracle of this baby girl.


  1. I am so very happy for you. There is no better feeling in the world than being a grandma. My grandson is 14 years old and I treasure every moment of his 14 years. Tell Preston and Katie congratulations for me.

  2. Congratulations to all, but especially to the grandma to job in the entire world

  3. How wonderful that these young people chose to wait until they were with their families before learning the sex of their baby. I've heard of balloons, cupcakes with blue or pink frosting, and cupcakes with colored frosting piped inside as a filling. But in all those instances, the parents-to-be already knew the sex and were going to reveal it to others. I'm very happy for you and your family. Babies are So. Much. Fun. My niece is going to be grandma to twin girls next month, if they wait that long. It's beyond exciting, especially since my niece was half of a pair of twin girls. I foresee lots of smiles in your future for your granddaughter and your donkeys.

  4. YES!!! You will find that being a grandma is the bestest thing ever!!!