Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am...

....Home from my travels. 
Two long weeks of fun, sun, heat, cold, fellowship, tears, sadness, frustrations, happiness, joy and dancing.
I will not be posting any pictures, as I don't really have anyone's permission to do so
We put 1,900 miles on 5 amazing 12-passenger rental vans.
I am tired, tired, tired and managed to catch a lovely summer cold.
Among the many things I found out about myself in the last two weeks---I am not as young as I used to be.  
Big surprise, huh? 
We met people from all over the world.  We met people from right here in the US.
We made friendships with people from Tahiti and friendships with people in our little group.

One of the highlights of the second week (sports competitions) was that Quinn got to be on a soccer team made up of primarily young men from Europe.  He had a steep learning curve as far as their way of playing and their way of interacting with one another.  The first game was very frustrating to him in many ways.  He stuck it out and got a "Ggooooaaaaallllllllll" in the second game.  After that, he was all in and the other players accepted his ability to play the game their way.  
I did my best to give Quinn his space on this trip.  I did my best not to be his mom.
I hope he would say that I succeeded. 

I am...
...Officially owned by two donkeys.

I've changed their names from Digger and Wishbone to Bill and Ted.
My friend SiSu, despite all the things she has on her plate, brought them home to me yesterday.

I expected two terribly stressed donkeys to get off her trailer.
Instead, I got two donkeys that willingly walked from trailer to paddock without skipping a beat.
I cut the grass very, very short but they're thrilled with it just the same.
They haven't lifted their heads since they came home.
They are gentle and sweet and come visit me in between bites of grass.

They are still jacks (donkey speak for, "Can make baby donkeys").
They will be visited by my favorite vet in early September to become johns/geldings
 (donkey speak for castrated).
Despite their small size, they could do much harm if they wanted to.
Owning intact jack donkeys is only for those that want to breed.
I am NOT that person.

I'll explain their names tomorrow.
Until then, I will be found in the donkey paddock.


  1. Congratulations, they are a lovely pair.

  2. They look like they're joined at the hip, just like 2 other donkeys you know. I'm very happy for you.

  3. So happy to hear that your trip went well and you came home to your donkeys. They sure look content munching away on the grass. Looking forward to your donkey stories.