Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There Are Good People In the World

The woman on the left is Barbara.
These are not her donkeys.

These are her donkeys.
Five miniatures donkeys and one old Mammoth donkey named Willow.
Before last week, I didn't know Barbara.
She's a friend of a friend.
The story went something like this:

Friend: Hey, I know someone right here in Dripping Springs that has miniature donkeys.  Let me get in touch with her for you.  I'll tell her about you and your donkey search

Me: Okay (skeptically) 

Friend: No really, she'll help you find miniature donkeys.  She's like that.  She'll do anything for a stranger.

Me: Okay (skeptically still)

A couple weeks went by and my search for donkeys by myself was hitting dead end after dead end.
I finally bit the bullet and contacted Barbara to see if she had any leads.

Why would she help me?
She doesn't know me.

Good golly, I could not have been more wrong.
There really ARE nice people in the world.
People that will do things for you, even if they have nothing to gain from the interaction.
She stepped out in faith that I wasn't an ax murderer and now I'm very close to getting donkeys.

Barbara invited me to come to her house so she could drive us to a ranch, right here in Dripping Springs, that has miniature donkeys.

Many conversations later, we were on our way.
On our way to meet Sisu and her donkeys.
She raises them for show and for the mere pleasure of it.

I could immediately see why she and Barbara were friends. 

They are both beyond friendly.  So knowledgable and willing to share any insight they had regarding all things donkey.  
Both as genuine as folks get.
Eric would call them "salt of the earth".

My Mother-In -Love would call them "Good eggs".

Whatever saying fits best, I'm certain I have made new friends.
I'm also certain that I've found the ranch from which my donkeys will come.

Every single donkey I encountered could be approached and loved on.

Sisu brought up 2 pairs of male donkeys and several little Jennies.

The two you see in these pictures above are tiny little geldings.
The largest of the two is only 29 inches at the withers (shoulder).
She had already given them their summer haircuts.  

This is one of the jennies. 

These two boys were impossible to get proper pictures of.
They are both still jacks and still young at 2 years old.

They've been together since birth and are just like brothers.
Pushing and shoving for attention. Playful and full of life.
Even being jacks and young, I could still get them to quiet down, brush them and pick up all four of their feet.
The one that I have my hand on is large enough to one day pull a cart.
Hmmm, that's something to consider.

This tells you something about the nature of the relationship between Sisu and her donkeys.
The two donkeys you see in this picture and the one below are mother and daughter.
The foal was just born a few month ago.
Normally, a momma wouldn't let us anywhere near her baby.
Not so with Sisu's donkeys.

Here's another testament to the good-hearted and trusting nature of both Barbara and Sisu.
Barbara said, "Hey, you're welcome to bring a friend if you like."
I brought one of my two BFFs, Laureen.
Again, a total stranger being welcomed.

Barbara and Sisu spent several hours with us.
Sisu showed us all around her ranch and was a wealth of knowledge and good old southern hospitality.
She even gave me her gate code, "In case you come by and I'm not home.  Feel free to come visit the donkeys!"
She called me yesterday to reiterate that sentiment.

Barbara drove us back to her place, showed us all around, introduced us to her own donkeys and her sweet hubby.
She also shared her little secret garden where she keeps rescue turtles.
What's not to love about a woman who rescues turtles!?
Barbara called me this morning because her computer is down.
She called to give me the name of her vet, her farrier, and her two barn builders.

I look forward to a long friendship with both these women.
I only hope I can repay and reciprocate the the blessings they have bestowed on me.

They both give me a full heart, knowing there really are good people in the world.


  1. I WANT ONE!!! Seriously I have always wanted one or two...but I'll let you have them and share with us over time.


  2. It definitely renews ones faith in mankind when you encounter people like Barbara and Sisu. Can't wait to see what happens. I know where you will be getting your donkeys from. I am so happy for you.

  3. That's so very cool to be introduced to Salt of the Earth Good Eggs who have so much in common with you. It looks like you've finally found people who can share donkey love and probably also gained new friends for life. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

  4. Wow. Just, wow!
    What an amazing turn of events...it all sounds meant to be!
    Yay, CeeCee!!