Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Office Assistant and the X-Games

I'm sure some of you may be asking what the X-Games are.
It boils down to this---men, and now women, are doing eXtreme things on bicycles, skateboards, and motorcycles. (read: CRAZY things)!

A young man named Colton Satterfield won "Big Air" Gold.

Don't worry, this photo is of him being amazed that he landed his jump on his bike; and not of him holding his head because he smashed it against something.
The video  (see above) shows the actual jump.
It's no big deal really.

I mean, I wonder how he'd stack up against Hobbes in the Extreme Napping category?
Anybody can jump a bicycle.
Not everyone can nap like a cat.

 As his trainer, I help him learn the more eXtreme moves necessary to be a champion.
We train every night.
Sometimes I don't feel up to it, but Hobbes makes sure we train every.single.night.
If I'm not around, he finds someone else to help him train.

If I happen to forget, he comes and finds me.
He protests, loudly, at my mental lapse.
Which is cat speak for, "Stop what you're doing and come sit on the couch!  I must lay on your
 1) lap
2) hips
3) belly
4) long legs
Often, we practice all four moves in one evening.

He's very committed to his his sport.
I've got to respect that. 
When my body begins to become achy from the different positions needed for his training, I remember the sacrifices he has given to be a champion.


  1. No way to even compete with a cat when it comes to napping. And training is always better with a friend. Looks like Hobbes is destined for a big championship in eXtreme napping. GO HOBBES!

  2. From the looks of it Hobbes will win hands down. Better start picking out a spot to display his trophy.