Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Have Been Chosen

I have long held that my pets choose me.
I do my best to go into a situation where I am acquiring a new pet, to let nature take its course and let the animal come to me.
Today was no exception.

I went back to SiSu's ranch.
I took my two BFFs, Laureen and Deb with me.
I wanted their opinions on the two sets of donkeys that I was considering.

Clearly, the donkeys didn't care what Laureen or Deb or even I thought about the matter.
These boys, that don't know me from a hole in the wall, decided that snuggling was in order.
Later, I got a chair and we had a proper love fest---one where I wouldn't tip over backwards should they get too close.

Unless a new name becomes apparent for either donkey, I'll keep the names that SiSu gave them.
Digger (red/gray) is on my left and Wishbone (chocolate/black) is on my right.

I think I have been chosen.  
Which works out great, because I happen to think they hung the moon.

Now, I must get about the business of getting my place donkey ready and officially buy them.


  1. YIPPEE!!! YAY FOR YOU!! And for them!


  2. I am soooooo happy for you. They look adorable. Sure hope they know how lucky they are for haven chosen you.

  3. How amazing to be chosen by such wonderful creatures.