Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby Pictures

Baby donkeys, that is.

My friend new friend Barbara, unbeknownst to me, had a hand in raising the two donkeys that will be mine when I get a darned barn put up (or a lean-to or a pup tent or an umbrella!).

The boys and their mommas spent quite a bit of time at Barbara's farm as babies.
She took all these pictures.

I'm on a couple "I love donkeys" sort of groups on Facebook.
What I've learned about baby donkeys is that they play hard and they sleep harder.

 Barbara said she more than once went racing out to take a closer look at what appeared to be a dead donkey.

Digger would sleep so hard that he wouldn't even know she'd come out.
"Just snoring away"

I now understand more about why these two boys are such snuggle bugs.
From day one, they were handled with love and gentleness.
Even the farrier is gentle and patient with the babies.

I'm ready for them to come live at my house.
I wonder if Wishbone would crawl in my lap, even though he's a big boy now?


  1. OH! You are going to enjoy every moment once they get there. Why wait for the barn...bring them on down.


  2. Awwww! Wonderful baby pics. No wonder you're in donkey love. Get that barn, lean-to or a pup tent or an umbrella up so we can see more of them. Please.

  3. They are just the cutest little babies. I would hurry up and get something built so I could bring them home ASAP. What snuggle bunnies they are.