Monday, June 16, 2014

A Second Storm

This is Smokie.
She is terrified of storms.
Actually, I don't think 'terrified' accurately describes what she feels.
She's out of her mind.  She goes someplace in her head that can't be understood.
I have tried everything known to veterinarian  and man to help her.
Nothing works.
Even massive sedatives don't work---they do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do.

What works best for her is to find a tiny spot to cram herself into and wait out the storm.
Her chosen spot during our pseudo-tornado was the pantry floor.
After the worst of the storm had passed, I coaxed her out of the panty to see if she'd go outside to potty.
She'd been in the pantry for hours and hours.

My mistake.  
Big mistake.
She had no intention of going outdoors and instead, retreated to the guest bathroom to hide between the toilet and the wall.

I was busy putting the things back that we had taken into the guest bathroom to hide from the storm ourselves and failed to realize that Mandy had followed Smokie into the bathroom.

To say that all hell broke loose would be an understatement.
Smokie, still very much in "fight or flight" mode was not sharing her hiding spot with Mandy.
When she gets this way, all bets are off as far as fair fights go.
She latches on and Will. Not. Let. Up.!!
Mandy never knows what hit her or why.
She just does her best to defend herself.

Jenna and I were the only ones home.
It was up to us to try to drag the dogs apart without getting badly bitten ourselves.
One problem, Smokie was not wearing her collar.
She had gotten in the swimming pool earlier in the day and I had taken her collar off because it was wet.
How to get the aggressor (Smokie) off her poor unwitting victim (Mandy) when she's not wearing a collar was problem number one.  
After what seemed like forever, I saw a split second where I could grab Mandy's collar to try to drag them apart.  Jenna then dove in with a very large couch cushion and tackled Smokie.  It gave me enough time to get Mandy out of the room and Jenna enough time to slam the bathroom door shut.

If Jenna had not been here, there would have been no way to get the fight to stop.
Smokie was out of her mind and would not have stopped.
Mandy never had a chance to defend herself because Smokie had latched onto her face.

I took Mandy to the vet the next day because it was clear that more damage had been done than I could see.  She just wasn't herself and her face was badly swollen.
Sedation, shaving and stitches were on her plate for the day.
The vet said after she had finished her work "It looks like her face has been through a meat grinder".

My poor, sweet Mandy.

In the future, I think our best defense will be a good offense. 
This has happened far too many times after storms.
Smokie just becomes rabid with fear.
To protect her and Mandy, I put will Smokie in a crate during storms and just leave her there until all signs of terror have worn off. 


  1. Poor Mandy; I also feel so bad for Smoke. Thankful that you had Jenna to help you separate the dogs. My mother was terrified of storms and would literally hide under the bed during them. She was supposed to comfort us but we ended up comforting her. Give Mandy an extra treat for me.

  2. Best defense is a good offense. Good you came up with the crate idea. My cats will hide in the closet. I had a dog who broke my other dogs jaw -- not good. A dark room, a blanket, try some music to tune out the storm.