Saturday, May 3, 2014

Who Lives in Muscatine, Iowa?

Dear Readers, I have a little widget on my right side-bar that tells me (sort of) who has clicked on my blog---or at least where they live.
Every day, I am happy to see that someone from Muscatine, Iowa has visited.

I love that name--Muscatine.
It rolls nicely off the tongue.

Plus it's in Iowa.
What's not to love about Iowa?
My daughter goes to school in Iowa!
I'll be there in 11 days to pick her and her belongings up to come home to Texas.

Muscatine is evidently across the Mississippi River from Illinois. (see map).
If you click HERE, you'll see some vital statistics about this pretty little town thanks to Wikipedia.

Vital statistics are all well and good, but I want to know which one of my lovely readers is from Muscatine.
It's probably someone that I already know and love, but just didn't know lived in Muscatine.
Maybe not?

Please out yourself. 
Please comment and raise your hand and say, "It is I!  I live in Muscatine!"
Please tell me the coolest thing about your city.
I already see that you have a great bridge over the river.  
I love bridges!

photo credit: John Weeks III
I hope you reply.
Heck, you probably already reply and I just don't know you're from Iowa.


  1. Ok this is my third try, HI my name is Sandy, I am from Muscatine Iowa. I found your blog through 7msn. I have never replied to a blog due to not understanding the profile to comment.
    I have lived in Muscatine most of my life. We are well known for our watermelons in the summer. Our town was founded on the pearl buttons. We spend a lot of our days on the river boating, fishing and sometimes camping on the Islands. Thanks for outing me. Made me smile!

    1. WOOHOO! Hi Sandy! I'm so glad you commented! Welcome. :) It can a little daunting on the commenting form if you don't have a blog of your own. The Mississippi is so pretty up that far north. Pearl buttons---you mean real pearl buttons made from fresh water bi-valves or pearl buttons like the kind on western wear shirts?

  2. You even got a comment form Muscatine!!! COOL!


  3. The pearl buttons are from the clams. I have many a jar of old buttons. All of my relatives have worked at a button factory at one time or another. Myself included at 18, but we no longer make the pearl buttons.
    You think your excited, it was fun to see your blog.

  4. Welcome Sandy, I don't have a blog of my own but do love reading blogs and making friends. Carla, thanks for asking your Muscatine, Iowa person to come out and say hi I learned something new today about pearl buttons. Thanks Sandy!