Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It May Have Rained Here A Little Bit

I broke up with my favorite television weather man recently.
He just continued to lie and lie and lie about our chances for rain.
He was all, "70% of widespread thunderstorms" over and over again this spring.
It never rained a drop.
I can't abide a liar.

I am just to the right of the "s" in Dripping Springs (left of center).
I may have gotten back together with him this morning.
He finally quit lying and told the truth for once.

Of course, if he has girlfriends in surrounding towns, they probably got back together with him too.
It seems it rained in many places last night.

We'll see if he keeps up the truth-telling.
I told him we are only back together on a trial basis.
I reminded him that I can't abide a liar.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got some much needed rain. Hooray!!!! I am my own weather person. I just stick my head outside and tell it like it is. Those "other" guys are never right anyways.