Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hobbes Versus the Dinosaurs

Do you remember the tiny, cute, dinosaurs from the movie, Jurassic Park that were seemingly harmless until they ate you?  
They were Compsognathus or Compy for short.
Chicken sized dinosaurs that moved as a group (flock) and ate anything that didn't eat them first.
Sounds an awful lot like chickens to me.
I have long thought chickens were just modern day dinosaurs and I think scientists tend to agree.

Hobbes found out that the little birds he thought were going to be snacks were really just tiny dinosaurs.
Last week, I finally let my chicks out to freerange with the older hens.
Hobbes had been stalking them intently through the fence of the chicken run for a couple weeks.
I could tell he couldn't wait to catch and eat one.

Amelia catches her first snack while out free-ranging.
Amelia had other ideas.
She and her sister Marie are Sicilian Buttercups.
They won't get much bigger.
What they lack for in size, they make up for in personality and hubris.

Here Hobbes is planning his attack.
Tiny bird, what could go wrong?

Here Amelia doesn't wait for him to come to her, she goes to him.
Confronts him.
Tail up, feathers fluffed, eyes on his every move.

Watch his head.

He loses the staring contest.  He looks away.

He looks back at her and she's having none of it.

She tips that tail and stretches that neck.
He looks for an exit.

Here he retreats to the "safety" behind the fence.
He doesn't know yet that she can slip right through the fence.
She chooses to let this transgression pass and walks away.

This scenario has played out many times since I took these pictures.
Every single time, she and the other chickens approach him first if he's eyeing them.
Every single time he retreats.

Safe and warm and hiding his face.
He's just glad we don't have any neighborhood cats that could witness his humiliation at the beaks of tiny chickens.

It's okay Hobbes, they really are tiny dinosaurs.
You made the best choice to walk away.


  1. Love it! If I were there, I wouldn't get much done if Hobbes and the chickens were outside together. I'd have to find myself a front row seat and watch it all play out.

  2. What a cutie!

    Hobbes is very smart! And he knows it. The chicken won, but only because he let them.

  3. That is so cute. Smart cat tho. Better to let the chicken think it won than face the wrath of mom if he won.

  4. We have 4 half feral, half tame cats that linger about our place...I always worry how they will react around the chickens...we don't let them out without supervision but I wish they would react like Hobbes!

  5. Heh, heh. Yes, dinosaurs. Right that's what they were. Vicious feathered dinosaurs. One would be wise to keep one's distance.