Friday, May 9, 2014

Amelia and Marie, What Breed are Thee?

I knew the breed of all but the chipmunk looking chicks.
They were in a "mixed pullets" bin at Tractor Supply.

I really thought I'd figure out exactly what breed they are when they became fully feathered.

 A close up of Amelia and her sister, Marie did not yield any details at such a young age.
I figured, based on the chicks available from the hatchery where Tractor Supply gets their chicks, that they could be Welsummers, Speckled Sussex or Barnvelders.
None of the above.

 What I do know is that they are banties.  
For non-chicken folk that means they are very small chickens as far as chicken sizes go.  
Sort of like the miniature chickens of the chicken world.
These girls barely weigh as much as a big dove at this point.
They look very much like an Old English Game bird, the way they carry their wings and tails.
Ideal Poultry does not breed OEGs.
Furthermore, these girls have a different shaped comb than OEGs.
Their combs are shaped like two parenthesis, side by side.
Like this:
( )
The are two separate lines--they do not join at the top or bottom.

No matter what, these girls are by far the sweetest of the bunch.
They will always come sit on my lap when I'm in the run.  
Amelia will stop and nap for a while if petted gently.

If you recognize this breed, please share it with me.
I'm usually very good at finding things on the interwebs, but this eludes me.


  1. Their mama was seduced by a sage grouse.

    1. Ha, if there's a sage grouse running around the Ideal Poultry hatchery, they've got some 'splaining to do". :)

  2. I found a video of chicks that look like yours did as babies. I don't know if this variety comes as a bantam. Maybe a crossbreed? Anyhow, this video is of Buttercups.

    1. DING< DING< DING!!!! Peg, you've done it!! The photos and video that include the comb make it official. Thanks so much!
      Now, off to study up and find out what sort of eggs and such my little Buttercups will be gifting me with. :)

  3. Glad Peg was able to help you out. They are cute. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

  4. We had some chipmunk looking birds from tsc also and they look nothing like yours...mutts I guess!